Monday, 8 April 2013

Burger night

I think most people like a good burger. Their versatility means that no matter what your particular preference is, there is one out there for you. Even vegetarians can indulge, which is nice for them, they miss out on so much.

Of late they have been propelled into the spotlight with pop ups and burger restaurants opening everywhere. I am particularly fond of Byron burger, although attempting to eat the "Triple Cheesemas" special over the festive period was a mistake. Massive fail on my part; in the battle of me v food - food definitely won. Turns out you really can have too much cheese, a sentence I never expected to say.

Bad burgers are pretty easy to come by. Thin, over cooked patties that taste of charcoal, soggy tomato soaked buns that dissolve before you even get them anywhere near the mouth, yuck. I like the tomato, don’t get me wrong, but it should never ever be left near bread. They’re like enemies whose sole purpose is to destroy each other. Soggy bread makes me very sad.

This week I have been lucky enough to visit the Father in Portugal, the nature of my job means I can take my work pretty much anywhere, as long as there is a kitchen and Wi-Fi, which coincidently there is. I love it here, the produce is amazing; they don’t have the same stupid fear we do in the UK that means all our vegetable have to look a certain perfect way. Spring onions the length of an arm, two-foot long leeks and cabbages that could take out SchwarzeneggerThey taste superb. Makes my work in the kitchen a lot easier, pretty much anything you rustle up tastes great.

So we had a burger night, I baked some buns, whiped up a batch of my secret burger sauce, crafted the burgers and cooked them on the BBQ. My sisters comment “isn’t the man going to cook the meat” was not received well. We had fake cheese in them; this is a real divider of tastes. Personally I think the Kraft slice is a thing of wonder, I would never dream of using cheddar or even worse some fancy blue offering. Blue cheese doesn’t belong in a burger. I will defend this opinion to the death.

The burgers were good if not a little hard to eat as I had somewhat over filled them but I was excited- it was burger night! That said I think I’ll make them slightly smaller next time. It was not a pretty sight watching us eat them...but hey, that’s what napkins were invented for.

Oh and turns out the secret sauce isn’t really that secret after all, one of my dining companions managed to guess every ingredient. 

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