Friday, 1 March 2013

How deep fried is your love....

So, week 2 of freelance went well, managed to avoid purchasing any cats, adopting an imaginary friend or turning on a slow cooker, thumbs up all round. I even ventured into the big smoke for a meeting with the editor of the BBC Good Food website about some more work, so all in all, a success.

I did find myself with some extra time on my hands yesterday, so what did I do? A bit of exercise? Spring clean the flat? Take in some culture. No, don’t be silly, I deep-fried what already is one of the most unhealthy dishes around. Obviously.

I love macaroni cheese, pasta – good, cheese – good – pasta and cheese together – better. However, often while eating this wonderful dish, I find myself thinking ‘how can I make this more unhealthy?’ I had already tried adding bacon, and while this was good, I felt there was more I could do. More saturated fat to be added, more artery clogging to be aimed for, just generally more. Cue the birth of the macaroni cheese croquettes. (I am not actually naive enough to think I invented this but for the purpose of this blog lets just say I did- it was all my brilliant, genius idea)

The result. Oh. My. God. It takes a bit of effort but the end result more than justifies the means, plus I was having a break from work (cooking) so it was only natural that I would do more cooking. Oh and I used four cheeses in the sauce because a) I had them in the fridge and b) why wouldn’t you. I didn’t however have any macaroni so I had to cut up cooked penne with my kitchen scissors.

I urge you to try it next time you need to put on a few extra pounds to slip into your fat day jeans. 

4 cheeses, ready to make the sauce

Infusing the milk

Ready for the fryer

Salsa pre blitz

Mac n Cheese croquettes with roasted habanero salsa


  1. Damn these look good! Love the idea of the roasted habanero with the rich cheesiness! Must give it a go!

    FoodNerd x

  2. Thanks FoodNerd, it definitely needed something with a kick to cut through the richness! Thanks for reading x