Tuesday, 19 March 2013

You had me at bacon

This week I decided to make bagels. Now, I’d been planning these babies for a while, so when a friend called on to discuss my attendance at that evening’s drink-fueled festivities, I politely declined. I didn’t have a bun in the oven, but I definitely had one on the mind and I did not want a stinking hangover on bagel day.

I think my bagel obsession started when I visited New York. The short nature of out trip meant that my Mother and I decide NOT to try and adjust to the time difference. We would be wide awake by 5am most days. Hours were spent wandering the streets during the general breakfasting period of the day and this equated to a lot of bagel eating. Granted, we did miss out on a lot of the night life, and looking back it doesn't seem like my most cunning of plans, but it did happen. 

It's always to my surprise and confusion that most people don’t get even half as excited as I do about bagels, with many even telling me they don’t like them. However after further (slightly irate) questioning the culprit becomes clear. Those awful bags of dry, shiny, rubbish bagels you buy in supermarkets. They make me sad, I bet they make New York sad too. They might look like bagels, smell similar to bagels and yes, granted, they are called bagels….but a bagel they are not. Trust me.

A further incentive to bagel making day; I would be able to eat breakfast for all 3 of my meals. I love breakfast. Obviously the first wouldn’t be bagel based- they take about 4 hours- but I had a bacon joint in the fridge left over from recipe testing, so that wasn’t going to be a problem. I also love bacon.

The reason I like breakfast so much, well, what’s not too like? The possibilities are literally endless. Especially if you can hold out until brunch o’clock, you can literally have ANYTHING you like, even a cocktail. Oh look, it seems to be 11am….Bloody Mary anyone? I reiterate, what’s not to like? There’s nothing quite like some hard alcohol, before the consumption of any food, to get you in that weekend mood. Plus, as the first meal of the day, there’s zero room for food guilt. In fact, aren’t we encouraged to eat like a king in the morning? I say go for it; you had me at bacon.

So back to the bagels, they went well. I seem to have the technique down now, it’s been a long road we’ve travelled together – but we got there in the end. Predictably I was covered in flour and dough by the end….but surely that’s all part of the fun.  

If you’d like the recipe, do get in touch.


  1. Hi Lucy, what a great read! please can you send me the recipe? I am totally obsessed with bagels and would love to attempt to make my own!xxx

  2. Hi Sabine, thank you! I will type it out for you, fb me your email address xxx